Beyond ‘The One’: Exploring Modern Polyamory

In 2019, who gets to define love? According to a growing number of Americans, love today means not limiting yourself — or your partner — to just one. Polyamory, or the practice of intimate relationships with more than one partner is on the rise. A 2016 national poll found that 31 percent of women and 38 percent of men thought their ideal relationship would include some form of consensual non-monogamy. But despite this interest, polyamory is still very much stigmatized. Beyond “The One”: Exploring Modern Polyamory is a short documentary that uncovers American ideals of love and partnership by following individuals who dare to live outside our romantic norms. In this video we follow two women, author Sophie Lucido Johnson and YouTuber Sharon Rosenberg, as they practice polyamory and in so doing, challenge what it means to find “The One.”

The Rise of Adaptive Fashion

I produced and edited this broadcast video piece for 219 West, a monthly news magazine on CUNY TV. The $1.2 trillion fashion industry is built on the value of self expression--but not all clothes are built for all people. For a long time, the disabled population has been left out of the fashion conversation. And while some major fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and ASOS are starting to introduce adaptive fashion lines to accommodate the body diversity of their customers, some consumers still feel unheard.